How would a disruption or disaster impact your business? Maintaining vital business functions during a disruption can prevent revenue losses from hitting your bottom line. We can develop a Business Continuity Plan and Recovery Strategy that specifically meet your goals and objectives.


Does your business have an up-to-date Disaster Recovery plan for how your business will recovery from a fire? In recent studies by the Small Business Administration, up to 60% of businesses no matter how big or small close their doors from having a fire within their building due to not having a plan in place that describes how it will communicate with its clientele, continue operations and recover from a fire incident.


We at Gr@peNet Technologies Inc. have combined many fields of expertise as well as over 40 years of experience of business continuity, providing our clients a partnership to insuring their success, growth, and competitive edge as well as managing their IT Infrastructure environments. Proper Prior Planning is our motto to achieving the goals and objectives you desire. With this, comes Proper Prior Planning for incident management and crisis management. Your continued success is our success, and what we strive to achieve with each and every client, individually partnered with you.


Having a proper pre-planned Disaster Recovery plan is equivalent to having adequate insurance of your business and customers. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our engineers and staff!

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