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     Information Systems and networking technologies are continually evolving within the corporate/small business, residential/individual markets. The shifting of needs changes due to many factors, some including the applications for which data and voice services are used, and security of data information systems. Because of these factors, GrapeNet focuses on Infrastructure innovation, revolutionizing connectivity platforms and how current technology can be used while improving network connectivity and implementing security into network architecture through modern technology advancements and technical application with network integrity in mind using innovative strategies combined with policy strategy.


     Designing a network that is practical, customized to your needs that offers a high level of productivity and scalability, as well as having security that balances efficiency can be a challenging task which requires both practical knowledge and technical knowledge. We at GrapeNet understand these challenges and welcome them. Because we have developed our skills from the technical side of networking, and because we know experience matters, we offer a unique position in designing network platforms and strategies to match our client’s goals and objectives. You will not get a Production Solution Product with GrapeNet, but one that truly fits the goals and objectives needed in advancing your company using the following principles:

  • Network design to meet client needs through analyzing business model and data applications

  • Modern technology platforms including SE, MPLS, and Virtual Software Designed platforms

  • Designing individualized network platforms that provide the basis for secure Cloud applications, direct shortest paths to connecting with third party Cloud applications, and future network technologies

  • Network and data security strategy designed to meet client needs

  • Information Technology and Business Strategy Planning – using proven methodical approaches based off operations sector analysis as well as client growth goals and objectives

  • Disaster Recovery Strategy Planning – implementing recovery and management solutions using modern technological advancements, improving up time and response strategy

  • Internet Services - We work with 150+ carriers worldwide to deploy fast reliable internet services, including Dedicated and Managed services as well as redundant circuits for fail-over and load-balancing

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