Business Continuity

     Maintaining vital business functions during a disruption can prevent revenue losses from hitting your bottom line. We can develop a Business Continuity Plan and Recovery Strategy that specifically meet your goals and objectives.

     For many large and small businesses alike, business continuity planning as well as disaster recovery planning pose a formidable challenge because of the time required, the monetary and resource needed, as well as the technical perspectives required to accurately develop a comprehensive strategic crisis management plan.

     GrapeNet provides resources and a comprehensive process using the latest tools and technical experience in creating a comprehensive business continuity and crisis management plan for our clients. Our consultants and engineers work closely with our clients in analyzing the goals, objectives and needs of our clients on an individual basis. We combine many years of experience within key areas of business in gathering the correct information needed to create a successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. This process includes business analysis, plan creation, development and deployment as well as stress testing the plan. Within the testing process we provide our client’s management teams the tools required to not only successfully incorporate the plan, but also manage the plan currently and in the future.

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