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     GrapeNet is a comprehensive solution engineering firm that provides high quality Technology Innovation, Network Design, VOIP and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning solutions to its clients through a deep understanding of networked technologies, design and technical experience. Our mission is to “Provide all our clients with a network platform of integrity, security and control to advance company objectives, security and scalability, as well as Return on Investment.”  


     With 23 years’ technical experience, the founding partners come from the technological arena of network programming, design and installation of networked solutions within the Telecom Industry as well as LAN, client based services. GrapeNet is driven by ingenuity, innovation and results, working closely with each client individually to provide a position of growth and competitive edge rather than providing common production based products. We are problem solvers providing real solutions to real problems for our clients. We are focused on quality over quantity for our clients with solutions based on network up time, client objective driven solutions and secure platforms that meet the growing needs and demands of today’s technology driven business environments. We strive to provide solutions at fair and affordable price points that includes customer service that exceeds excellent standards.


     As Network Design Engineers and technology innovators, we are not reinventing technology but revolutionizing how it can be best utilized in giving our clients the ability of optimizing growth, scalability, efficiency and productivity while diminishing losses and raising Return on Investment through our services. We are always looking to improve, accelerate and secure data/voice communication systems with redundancy built into the delivering infrastructure design while finding the strategic balance of security, productivity and network efficiency. This is achieved through a deep understanding of not only the technology and equipment used, but how technology, as well as the equipment, can be used to maximize potentials in business models. We use proven technological approaches to design solutions based off having the experience of knowing equipment standards, programming, limitations of equipment, how equipment will behave under circumstance and how to best fit equipment to meet the technological needs of the client and network structure using methodical steps and working closely with the client, analyzing client strategy, goals/objectives and requirements.


     Our services provide our clients with a detailed product to outline the full scale of the network based on the client objectives including infrastructure diagrams, programming information, security measures, policies and procedures as well as the in-depth knowledge to make solid management decisions.

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